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Under Armour has developed a product that not only serves to protect the teeth, jaw and concussion likelihood but also serves to enhance athletic performance. During times of stress, humans clench their teeth creating pressure in the TMJ in front of the ear. It appears that this increased pressure triggers receptors in the joint to increase cortisol secretion and lactic acidosis. Cortisol is the bodies steroid secreted by the adrenal glands. Lactic acidosis occurs as a result of muscle fatigue and is removed from the body by the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase. Cortisol seems to be involved with regulation of the enzyme.

High levels of cortisol and lactic acid are detrimental to athletes. In a world where victory can be one one hundredth of a second on the ski slopes, or one half step on the ice or an extra few seconds with no fatigue on a line shift these things matter.

Under Armour enhanced the simple mouth guard with a 2mm pad in the molar area. The pad essentially unloads the TMJ by the same 2mm; meaning there is reduced pressure in the joint and thus reduced cortisol and lactic acidosis. An unloaded joint as also primed to absorb the energy of a concussion producing hit. Overall, this simple enhancement of a device that is mandatory on the playing field is yielding significant benefits for those that choose to use the product. Athletes sustain output longer and more consistently over longer periods of time while still protecting the teeth, jaw and lessening concussion syndromes.

With the Under Armour appliance you have an additional 2mm cushion in the joint to lessen the chance of transmission to the brain.

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