Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I'm writing this review years after the fact, because I'm terrible at time management. However, let it be clear that even after all this time has passed, my high opinion of Dr. Bonacci's practice has only increased. From day one, the staff was compassionate for my situation and communicated clearly about the procedure and finances. At no time was I ever surprised by any aspect of treatment. From diagnosis to treatment plan to procedure to after-care to follow-up, questions were welcomed and answers given concisely and with the primary goal of communicating solid information to the patient. Dr. Bonacci's expertise is plain to be seen. He's an extremely busy man, so make sure to come prepared with any questions you have. Whatever your question, he is happy to help. It is no exaggeration for me to say my life was changed as a result of the implants I received. I could taste food again, my confidence increased, and I was able to better take charge of my life again. I highly recommend Dr. Bonacci for your implant needs. The quality of the product has born true over the past two-plus years, and the quality of the care remains vivid in my memory. Thank you to Dr. Bonacci and all the staff at his practice. I will return to you for all of my future dental-surgical needs, and have been recommending you to friends for years already.

- Benn M

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