All Teeth on 4 Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Northern Virginia

If you are missing all or most of your teeth in the upper or lower jaw, All Teeth on 4 Implants is one option for replacing the missing teeth without wearing a dental prosthesis such as dentures or bridges. All teeth on 4 implants or 6 implants are permanent solutions that offer impressive health benefits. They restore your ability to eat, drink, smile, and enjoy life without worrying about slipping dentures or avoiding foods you love.

The suitability of full-arch dental implants in the past was limited to patients who had solid and healthy jaws with no bone loss. Unfortunately, bone grafts were needed if your teeth had been missing for a long time or your jawbone had thinned or deteriorated. This added months to the recovery time.

All Teeth on 4 Implants, as well as All Teeth on 6 Implants, are the solution. These implants support a full arch of replacement teeth on either four or six implants fixed in the jawbone. These implants are strategically placed to take advantage of the remaining jawbone without resorting to bone grafts. The implants themselves stimulate new bone growth, improving the strength and stability of the jawbone and preventing further bone loss.

Patient Experiences with All Teeth on 4 Implants

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Replacing All Teeth with 4 Implants

All Teeth on 4 Implants is an effective option for patients with significant bone loss or thinning of the jawbone. The implants are placed at an angle in the jaw to support a full arch replacement. This provides a stronger, more stable base for the arch without placing individual implants. The implants will stimulate bone growth and help protect against additional bone loss. If your jaw is not strong enough to support individual implants, All Teeth on 4 implants is an excellent option.

Replacing teeth with 6 Implants

The All Teeth on 6 option provides the same support and stability as All Teeth on 4 Implants but with two additional implants. These added implants are usually placed toward the back of the mouth in the jawbone, providing added strength. All Teeth on 6 Implants have the advantage of spreading the bite force from chewing over a greater area, making it more comfortable to chew and bite.

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Full Arch Replacement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many teeth do All Teeth on 4 implants have?

A full arch replacement with All Teeth on 4 implants usually holds 14 teeth, replacing all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. These include 4 molars, 4 premolars, 2 canine teeth, and 4 incisors.

Which is better, All Teeth in 4 or All Teeth on 6 implants?

If your jaw can support them, All Teeth on 6 implants offer greater stability and distribute your bite force over a greater area. However, if your jawbone is strong enough to support the additional two implants at the back of the mouth, All Teeth on 4 may be the best option for avoiding bone grafts. Dr. Bonacci will evaluate the condition of your jawbone and your dental goals to determine whether All Teeth on 4 or All Teeth on 6 is the best option for your full arch dental replacement.

What is All Teeth on 4 implants surgery?

This surgery is to place the implants that hold a full arch replacement. Dr. Bonacci used guided 3D imaging for optimal placement to support the replacement arch and enhance jawbone strength. The surgery typically takes between two and three hours.

What are the problems with All Teeth on 4 implants?

While All Teeth on 4 implants are the best solution for many patients with missing teeth, there are some potential problems to consider. The wait time between implant surgery and a permanent full arch can be several months while the implants fuse with the jawbone. During this time, a temporary prosthesis will preserve your smile, but it may not be as comfortable as the permanent arch. Some people do not like the sensation of multiple crowns attached to a limited number of implants. Finally, there is always the slim chance that your jawbone will not integrate with the implants, although this happens in less than 4% of patients.

What do All Teeth on 4 implants feel like?

All Teeth on 4 and All Teeth on 6 implants feel like your natural teeth. They function and look like natural teeth. The only difference is that the bite force from your replacement teeth is distributed over the implants rather than each tooth’s force being absorbed by an individual root. Most people do not notice this at all.

Is getting All Teeth on 4 implants painful?

During the surgery, a local anesthetic numbs the area so you do not feel any pain. If you prefer, you can be sedated so that you are unaware during the procedure. In the first few days after surgery, discomfort and swelling are easily controlled with medication and ice packs.

All Teeth on 4 implants are less painful and less complicated than bone grafting for individual dental implants. Bone graft recovery is more prolonged and painful, adding months to the process of getting dental implants. All Teeth on 4 implants provide a more comfortable, less time-intensive approach to replacing missing teeth.

What is the healing time for All Teeth on 4 implants?

Following implant placement surgery, you can rest and recuperate at home for two to three days before returning to work. Any pain and swelling will subside within a week. However, it will take four to six months for the implants to fuse with your jawbone.

If you are interested in all-teeth-on-4 or all-teeth-on-6 implants, use our online appointment form or call 703-255-9400 to schedule a consultation. Together, you can determine the best option for your full arch replacement.