Finding Your Oral Surgery Provider in NoVA

Trust Your Care to an Oral Surgeon in Northern Virginia

Whether you are considering dental implants or need a diseased or damaged tooth removed, you should trust your care to an oral surgeon. While dentists are adept at diagnosing and treating many procedures, they do not have the same level of education and training in performing surgery that oral surgeons can provide.

Oral Surgeon Education & Training

Dentists and oral surgeons must attend dental school after earning a bachelor’s degree. However, after obtaining a doctorate in dental medicine, an oral surgeon must complete a four—to six-year surgical residency. During this residency, additional training is received in anesthesia, oral pathology, oral surgery, and other areas. Board certification is awarded after passing the oral and maxillofacial surgery board exam.


While dentists are experienced in a wide range of oral and dental health treatments, they also spend a lot of their time performing many different procedures. Their focus is routine dental care, including teeth cleaning, fillings, and cosmetic procedures such as veneers, and simple tooth extractions.

If you need any dental procedure requiring surgery, including tumor removal, wisdom teeth removal, biopsies, orthognathic surgery, and dental implants, you should consider an experienced oral surgery provider in northern Virginia. More complex procedures, including wisdom teeth removal and dental implants, are best performed by an oral surgeon whose practice focuses solely on complex dental surgeries. Patients are often referred to an oral surgeon when a dentist is not experienced enough with a specific oral surgery procedure.

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A Full Array of Dental Implant Options

Dr. Bonacci specializes in dental implant oral surgery, performing hundreds of dental implant procedures for patients suffering from tooth loss, facial trauma, and severe tooth decay. He pursues continuing education to ensure he is skilled in offering all forms of dental implant surgery, working closely with restoration and general dentists to provide the type of implant best suited to each patient’s needs.

Dr. Bonacci is one of the few oral surgeons in Northern Virginia who is experienced in providing all forms of dental implants, including:

Serving Northern Virginia from Our Office in Vienna, VA

Dr. Bonacci proudly serves Northern Virginia, including Vienna, McClean, Great Falls, Oakton, and Fairfax, from his oral surgery office in Vienna, VA. Our office focuses exclusively on oral surgery and dental implants, giving each patient the benefit of our years of education, training, and experience.

Patient Success

Our returning patients are our best recommendation. Many patients who have come to us for tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, and other procedures return to us when they need additional dental surgery, such as dental implants. We are always thrilled to hear any of our many patients’ success stories. The referrals we get from current patients are the most significant indicator of our skill and compassionate care.

Patient Experience

When reading reviews of our practice, you will frequently come across words like “professional, courteous, exceptional, kind, patient, understanding…” These are the words we live by from the moment patients walk into the office until they leave with beautiful new smiles and the resolution of their oral health issues. Our staff is unfailingly polite and considerate, making sure each patient feels comfortable and receives personal attention throughout each appointment.

Patient Education

Knowledge is power. We educate our patients to improve their own dental care routine and protect their teeth and gums. We use digital imaging and other techniques to clearly explain treatment options so that patients can make informed decisions concerning their dental health.

Before, during, and after any oral surgery, we provide detailed instructions and follow up with our patients to ensure there are no problems. We also offer a wide range of educational materials so that patients are confident in their understanding of oral surgery and the results they can expect.

“The best patients are educated patients.” – Dr. Bonacci

We hope you will consider our office for your oral surgery needs. Our experience, dedication to oral surgery excellence, and compassionate care make us Northern Virginia’s premier oral surgery provider.

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