Dr. Bonacci is the first-class oral surgeon in the nation and the best in the area. My husband and I have been his patient for several years. Dr. Bonacci has done teeth extraction, bone grafting and implanting for both of us. All of the procedures Dr. Bonacci has done were extraordinarily efficient, amazingly painless, and the end results have been amazingly beautiful. Both of us have been highly satisfied customers. I have recently returned to see Dr. Bonacci for another round of treatment. One of the teeth that was root-canaled (done by a doctor other than Dr. Bonacci) was cracked. Dr. Bonacci did the extraction of the tooth and bone grafting at the same time, again with exceptional skills. I had little pain, little swelling and fast healing. I will be undergoing another implanting in three months. Incidentally, most of my teeth were implants now, all done by Dr. Bonacci. At the last visit, he showed me an X-ray picture of my implants. The implants were all beautifully spaced and aligned. Dr. Bonacci and I laughed heartily because they looked like tall towers in New York.

- Noriko B

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