Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I was very uptight and nervous about my implant surgery and all that it entailed. I read reviews and stressed about who to use and what was to be done. I was recommended to Dr. Bonacci by a friend who had a very positive experience. Dr. Bonacci was top notch from start to finish. Knowledgeable, meticulous and careful with excellent results. His staff was efficient and caring. During the first procedure I needed my tooth extracted, bone grafting and tissue regen/resorb, which were intimidating concepts for me. I was extremely anxious going in, but I have to say the procedure from start to finish was so much easier than I had anticipated. I was sedated/asleep so I felt nothing. Recovery was very smooth and easy and surprisingly I had little to no soreness when the numbness wore off. I only used Extra strength Tylenol for the first day just in case, but never needed the pain killers. Dr. B and his staff were very diligent with keeping everything sterilized, I had no infection. The second procedure went well, no sedation to put the endosteal implant in. They numb you, very similar to having a cavity filled except once you're numb you really feel no pain. The hardest part of the whole experience from start to finish was having to wear the flipper/retainer for several months, and really, that was no big deal, I got used to it very quickly. It's like wearing an Invisalign mouthpiece, piece of cake. I'm very happy with my experience and highly recommend Dr. Bonacci for your oral surgery needs.

- Jackie T

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